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Be it clogs, sandals or work shoes, we have the right thing for you.

   Welcome to Bottenshop

               With over 30 years of experience in the wooden shoe business, we offer

                     manufacturing for private customers and commercial customers.

             Do you need shoes for the practice, agriculture, Gardening or the 80's party?

                                                    The search has an end!                                         in the bottenshop.

     Our services

       Production as desired // Color mix - creative possibilities // Adjustment of a high clamping

                      Suede leather - nubuck leather - individual cowhide - hygiene - practice //

                            steel toe cap - flex - clogs Black / White PU soles // Metallic clogs //

                                             Ergonomically shaped footbeds // Much more ..

Every day we receive countless messages regarding a wrong size (size chart) or a too high tension. We take over the return costs, just send us an email

Every day we receive countless messages regarding a wrong size (size chart) or a too high tension. We take over the return costs, just send us an email

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are

ecologically valuable

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   Clogs in Suede

      Visit our new collection made of

                      suede - leather.

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On-site consultation

  Competent advice on site, with over 30                                 years of experience.

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Meet us personally

    In good weather every first Sunday in                       Eckernförde there for you.

Fair Prices


in your Health 








Our new creation, the Flex Sandal. Due to the flexible surface, this shoe runs extremely well. This undermines any "discomfort" argument. For women up to size 41. A fashionable sandal paired with sustainable manufacturing.







Unsere Polyurethan - Sohle ist durch die mikroporöse Struktur sehr rutschfest und elastisch, dadurch ist die Stoßdämpfung hervorragend und der Schuh ist insgesamt leichter – perfekt für Rücken und Gelenke. Erhältlich in Weiß/Schwarz, perfekt zu kombinieren mit einem passenden Kantenband.







Our "new" location was opened in 1976, previously the manufactory was located in Westerstraße in Handewitt. The family business exists for about 50 years! All handles were passed on and elaborated in a family revision.






Softwoods are ideal for the traditional production of closed wooden shoes. Today, almost exclusively poplar wood is used, both in Germany and the Netherlands. Maple wood is a rarity, if you look back in the history of expensive willow and alder wood were used. We in the Bottenshop also use wood from the black alder, a European product.



               An often discussed topic

          - "Are wooden shoes healthy?"


The topic of wooden shoes brings various advantages, including cost-effective and above all ecological production. High security and long-lasting protection against moisture and external intruders, such as Dörner, knots and garden tools. In contrast to steel toe shoes, the Botts not only protect the toe area, but also various fields of application such as clinical animal practice, where the wooden shoe with concealed nail seam is well used. A place that you should not forget, the local garden. Through our very crazy color combinations, we even Botts for unusual occasions such as carnival or theme parties. A black PU sole and the pink metallic shoe fit perfectly here.




At first, the wooden shoe seems uncomfortable, because additional effort has to be made. Physiologically, a healthy added value is created, which has an ecological taste. The lack of stability of joints and muscles is thereby streamlined, which is neglected in everyday life by new-modern and production-line mass-produced mass production. Through years of experience, we offer maximum comfort, as every millimeter is crucial in production. A strong advantage is also the use in the summer, since the open construction at any time passage exists.



To reduce escaping foot odor, a treatment with a strong detergent, alcohol or similar is sufficient. Alcohol has the benefit of eliminating recurring odors that can survive in leather or tissue through multiple layers. However, it may come to a rough surface after treatment with alcohol, but this rubs off by use and movement again. Outsourced care is rarely needed; if this is the case, use a product for wood or something to impregnate. Linseed oil is a clever solution as it brings out the natural grain.


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What our Customer says

Roy Franke

Finally, right shoes! Ever wanted to have such shoes, but the decision-making ... as it is, it dragged on. Now I do not want to take off the wooden slippers anymore. Top value for money! I hope that 10 years from now, when my breaks are broken, you will still get them ;-)

Had problems with the size. Were exchanged and widened very fast. Great customer service. Everything in 1 week. Class

Nanny Plum

I'm so happy, because the wooden shoes are great. Have 1 pair for me u. 1 pair bought for my 9 year old son. My feet are different in size, but without problems, they were made exactly according to my Fußmaß. I will always happy to buy there !!!